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Push notifications

For one, they’d be used for me to push an app-wide notification. But mainly, it should be for followers to be kept up to date on any of the breweries and/or people they follow. It should also be for the [Growler level] brewery owners to use, to push out announcements to their followers. And lastly,…

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I’d like to devise a point and reward system to get users to generate content. In other words, if someone suggests an edit, they’d get a point. If they added a brewery, or marked a brewery as closed, they’d get 2 points. Then at. Stupid point levels they could “cash” in. Maybe 10 points gets…

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Swipe actions

From the list screens… swipe right to mark as visited once visited, swipe right again to mark as unvisited swipe left to check-in and view offer (if there is an offer, there would be too options)

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