Have you ever gone miles and hours out of your way to visit a new brewery, just to find out the hard way that it’s closed?

We have. And that’s why we built Brewery Hours.



There’s certainly no shortage of maps and directories on the internet, but there still isn’t an easy way for craft beer lovers to find all the information necessary to plan a brewery tour. Breweries are notorious for their erratic operating hours, so we built Brewery Hours, a place where breweries can reach craft beer enthusiasts directly, and customers can get the details they need to plan the perfect brewery outing, down to the minute.


Locate and follow your
favorite breweries


Organize results by
operating hours


Check in to each brewery
you visit


Track your visits and
leave reviews


Get special offers
from breweries


Read reviews from other
beer lovers

Do you own a brewery?

Use Brewery Hours to reach dedicated craft beer enthusiasts!

The Brewery Hours searchable directory organizes breweries by location and hours of operation. Claim your listing for FREE and begin reaching out to craft beer lovers today!


Want to reach even more craft brewery fans? Take advantage of Brewery Hours premium features!

A premium listing allows you to:
  • Add and adjust your hours of operation
  • Import your brewery’s events from Facebook
  • Give customers incentives to check in
  • Highlight the best reviews for new customers
  • Respond to reviews left on your Brewery Hours profile
  • Write a detailed description about your brewery
  • Embed YouTube videos
  • Upload an image gallery

Why Do You Need Brewery Hours?

Traditional breweries often have erratic hours. Brewery Hours is the only platform that, by default, shows breweries that open at the times you want to discover new craft beer. Use Brewery Hours to collect the most up-to-date information on breweries near you or in a city far away, today, tomorrow, or any other day. Never drive all the way to a brewery just to encounter closed doors -- with Brewery Hours, you’ll show up right on time.

Are you a brewery

  • View breweries’ ratings, locations, and
    hours of operation
  • Find and follow local breweries
  • Plan visits to out-of-town breweries
  • Check in to breweries, track your visits,
    and leave reviews
  • Receive special offers and brewery event

Do you own a

  • Claim your brewery’s listing for free
  • Update your brewery name, address, and
    contact information
  • Add your website and social media links
  • Upload your logo and an image to your
    Brewery Hours listing
  • Write a brief description of
    your brewery

Maximize your Brewery
Hours listing

  • Offer specials to customers just for
    checking in
  • Showcase, and respond to, customer reviews
  • Import events from Facebook
  • Add your brewery’s hours of
  • Use push notifications to put your
    brewery front and center